How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

Are you looking to:

Make an extra $200 or more per month?
Replace your income to quit your job and work from home? 
Make enough money to stay home with your young children? 
Then being a virtual assistant may be for you!

Can't wait to get started? Purchase the Virtual Assistant eBook now!

I'm Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant! Click here to buy the ebook now.

Hi! I'm Heather! And I would like to help you live your best life!

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed and wishing you could spend more time with your family? If so, I truly understand!

I was a classroom teacher-turned administrator for nearly a decade. But in 2015 I faced some scary complications just hours after the birth of my first child and it hit me, "life is too short." At the time, I was only making around $300 a month with my online ventures, but I knew I had to take a chance...

I gave notice to quit my job in 2015 - giving up full family health insurance and good pay - and set off, determined to find a way to earn money working from home. I've learned a lot since then, and I'd love to share that knowledge with you!

You may be wondering:

How will I find clients?
What do I charge?
Is this a legitimate income?

What could I even do as a VA?

These questions and more are included in the ebook.

I'm Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant! Click here to buy the ebook now.

I Went From $300 to $2,500+ a Month!
(Even having some $3,000+ months!)

Three months after quitting my job, a friend of mine asked me to be her VA. I didn't even know what VA stood for at the time, but I was ready to learn. And these days, my income is often $2,500 a month or more - and that's while working just 10-20 hours a week while I raise my two young children (who are incredibly skilled at being underfoot 24/7 - can you relate?)

I assure you that if you are willing to work hard - and to work SMART - you can experience the same success I have had - or even more! 

(I personally know VAs that have built teams and are making $10,000+ a month!)

I want to share my knowledge with you. I'll teach you the steps to take and things to consider as you begin your virtual assistant business. You'll learn how to find clients and how to help them when you find them.

Best of all, you'll learn how to avoid some of the painful mistakes I made along the way. You'll be able to build your business much more quickly than I was - allowing you to cut back hours at your current job, cut the part-time job you hate, or to entirely quit your current job to work from home!

I'm Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant! Click here to buy the ebook now.

Are you still trying to decide? 

If so, I get it. There are so many false promises out there on the internet these days, and it's only smart to have a "Buyer Beware" kind of attitude.

Good news! I'm happy to share some of my hard-earned knowledge with you for FREE. This way, you have the chance to find out for yourself - before spending a dime - if the VA path may be right for you. 
    If you sign up for my FREE email series, I will walk you through -

    1. What exactly is a VA?
    2. Why would I want to become a VA?
    3. What tasks could I do as a VA?
    4. Where do I find people to work with?
    5. How much should I charge?
    6. The top five tips for being a successful VA
    7. And more!

    People Have Asked Me . . . 

    • Q: Is the Virtual Assistant market saturated? I want to make sure I'm going to find work!
    • A:  As long as there are online businesses, there will be a need for virtual assistants. New businesses start up every day, and those people need your help! While you may not find work overnight, if you put in the strategies learned in this email series and ebook - you CAN find paying clients.

    • Q:  I'm limited on time. How long is it going to take me to read this ebook and get started as a VA?
    • A:  You could sit and read this entire ebook cover to cover in just a couple hours. If you then implement what you learn right away, there's a possibility you'll have your first client within 24 hours. I can't promise this will happen, but you'll have access to your purchase forevermore, so you can reference it again and again. This is one of those times where a few hours of reading with the determination to make it work WILL pay off.

    • Q: I'm concerned about the cost. If I'm wanting to stay home with my children, I need to save money. I'm not sure I want to spend $20 that I will just lose.
    • A: You won't just "lose" the $20 if you take the time to read the ebook and implement the tips and ideas shared. Many people charge $20+ a month simply to belong to a Facebook group, which is part of your ebook purchase for free! As you'll see in the testimonials below, many new VAs are starting their journeys quite successfully after reading this ebook and through their own hard work and determination. But if you're still not sure, you don't need to spend a penny to get the FREE email series with tips now

    Buyer Testimonials

    Stephanie Sutherland of The Tennessee Classroom shares:

    This book really helped me start my VA journey. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be considering this career path. Heather Jo is SO very helpful, and provides tremendous support to people seeking VA services or looking to be hired. She has been a true guiding force to me, and I have loved being part of her Facebook group community that comes with this purchase!

    Stephanie even did a pocast episode on becoming a VA and how this ebook helped her with the journey. Stephanie quit her teaching job just a few short months after purchasing this ebook and starting her VA journey. You can listen to her podcast episode here.

    Regan Putnam of Coffee Beans & Children's Dreams shares:

    This is the perfect place to start if you want to be a VA. It is well thought out and has a lot of important things for VAs to think about. I am so glad I made this purchase. Thank you for a great product.

    I'm Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant! Click here to buy the ebook now.

    A message from me to you - straight from my heart!

    As I stated above, in 2015 I learned first-hand just how short life can be. I thank God every day that I am still here for my family and can watch my beautiful children grow up. I know life is too precious and too brief to spend your time doing anything that doesn't fulfill you and make you happy. So if you are happy and fulfilled with your current job, that is probably where you should be.

    However, I suspect that if you were truly happy and fulfilled with your current job, you wouldn't have read this far. And if you are seeking something better, I really do want to help. I want you to have work that fulfills you, inspires you, and makes great use of your creative abilities.

    I want you to have work that is flexible, so you can not only be home with your kids - but have TIME for them when you are home. I want you to have a business that truly fits YOUR life and allows you to share yourself with the world in a way that brings blessings to all.

    There really is a better way.
    There is a better life waiting for you.
    Is being a VA the right path for you?

    You CAN live the life you dream of!

    If you are ready to begin today, my ebook is here to help you get started on your new career as a VA. Reasonably priced and chalk full of all kinds of helpful advice (plus, it comes with some great added benefits!), click the link below to grab your copy today!

    I'm Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant! Click here to buy the ebook now.

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    How do I become a virtual assistant? If that question has ever crossed your mind, you're going to love this FREE email series. Here you'll learn the basics to get started as a VA. Make a little extra money each month as a side hustle or side gig. OR turn this into your full-time income! You can supplement your retirement by working a few hours a week at home, leave your full time position to stay home with your kids, or kick your part-time job to the curb & work in your pajamas. #workfromhomemom

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